Demonstrations and trainings
In Aikido Lviv conducted training for adults and children, fitness classes, specialized training, training in self defense for women and demonstrations
“Do not contrast yourself to Nature and observe its laws, submit to them mind and body - and you will become one with It. Then whoever dares to attack you, will be forced to deal with the whole Universe. Whether he can win?...”
Morihei Ueshiba
..Aikido is a path to physical and spiritual perfection. Every movement in Aikido provides coordination of mind and body, ensures the existence of man in peace and harmony with nature...”
Aikido master Koichi Tohei

Aikido can be practiced throughout life, and the skill level only increases.

as people age, a person becomes more experienced and more powerful - not so in the physical sense, both from a technical and psychological. This is possible only through special strategies and psychological training in Aikido, which enable and 80 years to feel confident when dealing with aggression.

Classes are conducted in accordance with the situational requirements and set objectives to counter the attackers, armed with cold weapons and firearms.