"The path of Union intentions "

AIKIDO AIKIKAI - this is basic, fundamental martial art, which was created by the Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba


The Founder Of Aikido
The Lectures Of The Founder Of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba

“...I am calm, where and when I was attacked. I have no attachment to life and death. I leave everything to God. Be free from attachment to life and death, and protect the mind, which leaves everything to Him, not only when attacked, but also in everyday life.”
Morihei Ueshiba

Aikido is nothing but the manifestation of love... a way of harmonizing body and thoughts...

This combat system without aggression, but the techniques and ways combines elements of philosophy and psychology. The first mention of such a combat uniform begins with the 9th century in Japan. The first school of DAITO-RYU-AIKI-JUTSU began to operate in the time ruler Teijun. These techniques have moved from the kind of Minamoto to the genus Takeda. Sokaku Takeda, the head of the clan, was the first who began to teach secret techniques outside his family.
Techniques that are used in Aikido, originate from the old schools Kito-Ryu, Yagyu - Ryu, Aoi - Ryu, Hozoin - Ryu, Ju - Jutsu, Tanto-Jutsu, Ken-Jutsu, Aiki-Jutsu during the Minamoto (XII century) and contain practical movement with a sword (katana), spear, and use of life energy. O-Sensei Ueshiba systematized them and gave them a new form, creating Aikido.

In Aikido there are no forms and procedures. Movement in Aikido - natural movement. Its depth is immense and inexhaustible.

In Aikido the aggressor is perceived not as an enemy but as a partner, with whom you want to collaborate.
Character "Ai" means harmony
"Ki" - vitality, spirit
“Do” is the path to harmony of mind and body.
To win - means to live God's commandments, to overcome the disharmony in yourself, your fear, laziness, aggression.
Aikido can be practiced all his life, and the skill level increases with age.

The Founder Of Aikido

“The cornerstone of all martial arts is the love of God and love for each other.
Aikido is the way of the return of peace
peace and unification.”
M. Ueshiba
O’Sensei Ueshiba Morihei -the founder of Aikido
(1883 – 1969)

Morihei Ueshiba was born on December 14, 1883 in Wakayama Prefecture in Tanabe. His father encouraged his son to exercise, taught him sumo and swimming. From his youth Morihei begins to learn martial arts and engage in traditional Jiu-Jitsu and Ken-jutsu. In 1903 he entered the military service in Osaka, where for his dexterity in handling with a bayonet and honest public temper gets the nickname & quot; King of the soldiers & quot ;. In 1904, the outbreak of the Russian-Japanese war, Morihei was sent to the front with the rank of corporal. Soldier's life does not interfere with Morihei to continue the development of martial arts. On his return from the front, he receives an award for bravery on the battlefield. At the same time he studied the technique of Yagyu-ryu jujutsu, judo.

In 1912, he went to the island of Hokkaido. It was here that he met Sokaku Takeda, a famous master of Daito-ryu jujutsu. For spiritual practices and meditations Morihei goes to uchietlyu Vanisaburo Deguchi in Ayabe for 8 years before moving to Tokyo in 1928. Also in Ayabe he makes of his house in the dojo, and opened his school. The number of pupils kept growing. In 1921, he became the father Kisemaru Ueshiba. It combines farming activity with exercise. At the same time he learned military skills are becoming ever more distinct spiritual. Gradually he osvobozhadetsya from the conventions of Yagyu-ryu and Daito-ryu Jitsu and is developing its own unique style, destroying the border between mind, body and spirit. In 1922, this style was the code name & quot; Aiki-bujutsu & quot;.

O-Sensei at the age of 38 before his first Dojo

In 1924, he Vanisaburo sent to Manchuria, then to Mongolia. At this time, Morihei received the Chinese name Wang Shou Kao. In this expedition, they were captured by one of the local commanders were sentenced to death. Before the execution of the sentence by the intervention of the Japanese consulate, they were released and returned home. House Morihei working on the ground, thereby combining art with the art of the warrior farmer. Engaged with Jutsu (fencing on the spears) and continues to be physically active Ju-jutsu.

Participation in Russian-Japanese War, experienced in Mongolia, where he often faced with mortal danger, especially the moment when he looked into the face of death, something changed in him. There were shots, but he could have sworn he saw the fiery point bullets flying at him. After returning to Japan, he redoubled starts looking for the true meaning of Budo, often it goes to the mountains, where devotees ascetic way of life and in different situations constantly feels the manifestation of the supreme spiritual power and at age 42 he attains the greatest insight.

In 1925, he was summoned to battle a master of Kendo, where Morihei wins almost without a fight, because he feels, where, in what direction the enemy is going to direct blow of the sword. Immediately after the fight, he bathes, and ineffable peace embraces his body and soul. He feels that this is not the water washes it, and poured down from the heavens streams of golden light. He feels something unusual, similar to the revelation, he is born again, and in this new life of his body, and spirit are made of a soft golden light. The idea of ​​the unity of each creature and Space illumines it, step by step, he formulates philosophical PRINCIPLES which built Aikido. From now on, it is important not the martial art itself, but the way of the warrior.

In 1925, Morihei in Tokyo conducts demonstration fights and learned military skills in the palace of the Crown Prince, the Imperial Court, the Ministry of Court, the Army and Marine teaches composition, as people from the sphere of finance. In 1930 he visited Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, as a result, he sends two of his disciples to study with Morihei. In 1930, Major-General Makoto Miura met Morihei to defeat him in battle. Morihei dispelled his doubts so completely that Miura immediately signed up as an apprentice to O-Sensei, and Morihei was given the post of instructor at the military academy.

The next 10 years can be called the Golden age style of Aiki-Budo. In people, the school was named Morihei "Hell's Dojo" because there worked up a sweat. At this time, Morihei taught throughout Japan. On the recommendations of the chief of police of the city of Osaka Morihei gives lessons in police stations, and with the mediation of the Japanese Industrial Club gets the opportunity to train financiers. At this time, Morihei strenuously engaged in Kendo. In September 1939 he was invited by travels in Manchuria on demonstration performances of masters of martial arts. There he engages in battle with former champion sumo Tenryu and easily defeats him. And also demonstrates the techniques of martial art before the Emperor PU'i.

April 30, 1940 Ministry of Health and Social Care assigns it the status of an officially recognized organization, which becomes the first president of Admiral Isamu Takeshita, to the program of the Police Academy, where he teaches Morihei, Aiki-Budo included as a full subject. After the war began in 1941 to preserve the spirit of the school of Aikido Morihei Aikido carries the base of Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture in Iwama. At the beginning of the war ministers and generals vying seek the advice of Morihei, but soon even this indirect participation in the massacre was his pret. And in 1942 Morihei disclaims all official posts and leaving his wife in Iwama, where settled in a modest cabin in the woods. At this dark time Morihei Aikido system calls & quot; By Harmony and Love & quot ;. He prays for peace, he spends a lot of time in training and thinking. In 1948, the Minister of Education allowed to resume operations Aikikai (Aikido Society). Since 1950, Morihei many around the country to give lectures and demonstrations of military skills.

He was already 70 years old. Skill Founder of Aikido is still perfect, but it is no longer based on physical strength, not enthusiasm, as it was in his youth, and the inexhaustible spiritual strength. & Quot; Aikido grows out of love & quot; - Often in the years Morihei repeats. (Ah - the initial character is also referred to & quot; love & quot;). In 1954, the headquarters of Aikido has again moved to Tokyo with the official name of Aikido Honbu (Central Club Aikido). Learn about Aikido in many countries. Aikido become involved in universities, government agencies and businesses. In 1960 Morihei and Yosaburo Uno, winner of 10 given in Kyudo, awarded a special award from Emperor Hirohito. In 1964, Morihei received an award from Emperor Hirohito & quot; For contribution to the development of martial arts & quot ;. April 26, 1969 at 5 o'clock in the morning of aikido founder passed away at age 86.

"The sword of Aiki gives people the power to pave the way, to destroy any evil, restore peace".

Morihei Ueshiba.

Biography O-Sensei taken h the book & quot; Budo. Founder of Aikido Technique & quot; Morihei Ueshiba ed. Kisemaru Ueshiba",
Editions Budostore, Paris, 1991 р.

All we know about the life of the Founder, the spiritual principles of Aikido, came to us through his son, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, who became Aikido Doshu after retiring from the life of O-Sensei.
Ueshiba Kisshomaru, Aikido Doshu

Under the leadership of Moriteru Ueshiba, the grandson of the Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba
Aikido Aikikai with the global center in Hombu Dojo (main hall) in Tokyo is actively developing in many countries of the world.

Moriteru Ueshiba -
Aikido Doshu,
the head of the Aikikai Organization and the Director-General of the Main Hombu Dojo in Tokio


Lectures founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba

Lectures founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba (favorites from the book Mitsugi Saotome & quot; Aikido and Harmony in nature".)

"Aikido is the manifestation of love in the work. Love gives the shape of the Universe and cleans everything in it. To fulfill the mission of compassion to everything that exists on Earth, to protect and nurture all that exists in nature, it is the task of Aikido.

What is the source of the materialization of life in the Universe? This expression of the Infinite spirit and love. Aikido is a pure expression of this source. This is the true path to a blessed harmony of mankind with the Universe. Only if we follow the principle of unity with God and return humanity to a state of balance with everything in the Universe, we participate in the endless development toward perfection.
Genuine forms of the Universe are manifested in the human body. The universe reveals a mosaic of many forms that has no end; each of these forms is a new aspect of its completeness, each is in equilibrium with all the others. Just as the universe expresses love in different ways, we must make throughout his life in all his relations to Express the dynamic balance and harmony of the Universe. Through this process the universe itself will enter the body and spirit, nourishing them and giving them true power.
Aikido should be the absolute path of universal love. Its principles are the laws of harmony and balance in all elements, the embodiment of life on Earth. Its function is to connect with the center of the Universe and to give love."

O-Sensei taught : "Training allows you to discover the true principles of harmony Aikido - principles of gravity."
"In the first Major Explosion of creative energy universal energy split in half; the richness and diversity of the Universe was a new order, and was created by unity. It is the breath of God, the universal flow between the extremes of unity. God, the Creator is fire and water, light and air. God is a dynamic movement, and God is unity. Since its inception to the present days of the universe is continuously created and perfected in accordance with the principles of universal ability to create, the principles of opposites. These principles that work within the body, creating life. In order to truly understand, we need to get rid of the ego because the ego is a constraint that sets limits to the human spirit.
Often we misunderstand the force of gravity, considering that it controls us, or that gravity is attachment. But, as shows the power of a collapsing star, the greatest force of attraction is emptiness, the attraction force created by the vacuum. True emptiness is the absence of self-cherishing ego. Not understanding this principle, we are trying to improve their physical strength. This narrow power. This is a false power, but only transparent, permeable coating. The ego does not belong to the qualities of God, no self-cherishing ego calls love, respect and trust. This is the true power".

"Controlling three elements - time, space and energy, one can control those whose physical strength far exceeds his own. Therefore Aikido movements go beyond the artistic beauty of dance and become powerful movements of a warrior.
When a person thinks "I'm free", of course it comes from selfishness, cunning. He wants to do something, something to have or what to become. Attachment to desires is not freedom. True freedom is emptiness. When you are completely empty, the Spirit of God blesses you, because in this case, you are one with the Universe, one with the Creator.
The way of harmony - the way is not easy. Truth illuminates the lazy spirit. It is a Path filled with hard work, sweat and pain for the reality, because the conflict must be experienced and understand".

"the Study of martial arts, is based on competition, not the study of truth. Competition can be constructive, positive outlet for your aggression, it can help us to shake off their complacency and push to commit acts that we would never do, forcing us to move a little faster. That way we seek, playing games or doing sports. But Budo (way of the warrior) - this is not a game. Budo is the Path, this vital position. When the rivalry becomes excessive and turns into a driving force in everyday life..., it generates more frustration, distorting the personality and destroying human relationships. Ego rears its ugly head and says: "I'm better than you. I want you to know about it, and I'm going to prove it to you" . And the rivalry from way out aggression turns into an act of aggression. We constantly feel the threat and cover our asahimachi, there is an excessive arrogance, the desire to be the center of attention. Everyone wants to be "star". Protecting yourself from the attacks of others, we become jealous, selfish, and cruel. Life turns into a contest in which you must win to reach the finish line, and we forget to appreciate the process of life.
When such attachment to the victory most modern styles of martial arts that encourage competition, lose their basic meaning. What happened with good skills and principles? They destroyed aggression and fear of defeat. The use of the arts is shrinking. Focused only on victory and defeat, they turn into buffoonery to demonstrate the child ego. In this context, it is impossible to understand harmony. Budo (way of the warrior) is not a sport. Focused on sports martial arts are based on aggressive competition, the negative aspects is the desire to defeat the enemy. You can't control the reactions of another person with aggression, because aggression only strengthens the resistance".

"the Goal of Aikido is not enhancing aggressive reactions, and monitoring and purifying it. Sports championship - just spectacle. The path of Budo teaches us to set aside our ambitions and greed. This is what they teach their students the real masters of Budo: they are taught to understand the gravitational force, the force of the vacuum. They train the spirit, because the hard training, the student comes to understand the limitations of the human body. We are opinionated and not willing to admit their own limitations. Instead of fulfilling his destiny, God has given us, we invade the function of God, selfishly destroying the limited resources of our Earth and each other. We need to really recognize that our lives and the universe is one system, to understand it's not just the mind, but through your intuition, heart, body and spirit. It's not just ideology, it is reality. Don't say "I know!" step over "I know" and try to really understand and believe... If your body is unbalanced inside, the correction is performed by using pain, fever and... the feedback System is the path of correction. If using a scared and aggressive ego it is silent, the body becomes weak and loses the ability to self-regulate. The battle Path is weak, and the ability of self-protection will be lost."

"the Mind is full of conflict and challenge, is a mind that thirsts for the blood of the enemy. Let your hands never clutched the throat of the enemy, may they never were stained with his blood, but if your heart is full of hatred and desire to win over another person, to see him suffering, these thoughts like death, decomposing your spirit, and you will never understand what is spiritual power. Real war is a Path of negotiation and not of destruction. The real power is in the spiritual world, and a real self-defense is the protection of the enemy. If you can't protect themselves.., weakness is an excuse, an easy way out. You are his weakness create a killer. If the enemy is attacking, and you killed him then you become a murderer. Doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong, because the enemy is your shadow... If you kill the enemy you commit suicide. You have no excuse. The path may not be waived. You must protect yourself, and you have to defend the enemy. It is your responsibility.
Real victory is not inflicting defeat on the enemy. This victory brings the love and modifies the heart of the enemy".

"True power is love, the application of the wisdom of God, and not limited by human strength. Great spiritual teachers have always taught to love your enemy is a higher love.
The most important thing in the classroom is understanding the enemy. When you understand, you can't hate. Only in this way you can discover the true Path of harmony. It is not a weakness sentimental love, it is a severe power of universal love. Love of enemy is very tough love. Sometimes when you want to protect others, this love means destruction.
A heart that is full of questions about victory and defeat, can not experience the truth of reality. Then the goal of the training is the victory that develops sports consciousness. It becomes a game and not reality. There is a need for rules to protect the participants, and the result solves nothing. The only thing that interests those who compete - who is stronger according to the rules? whose technique is faster according to the rules? With the help of the competition you will never know his true self, but only your strategy, when you are on the verge of absolute punishment, when we can talk only about life or death... may become very weak very strong, and very strong in the fear to lose their power. When the rate is not life, it is very easy to forget that physical strength and technical ability is not unlimited... People forget about the truth, and her classes start wearing distorted. Lost spiritual power practice... Competition in the techniques, triumphant or losing is not the real Way. Real Budo knows no defeat. Never know defeat means never to join the fight.
If someone claims that he can predict someone's life or situation after death, is blasphemy. One who is very concerned about life after death, can not understand the immortality of life. Truth is, it is given. Our duty is to live fully this life, accepting with gratitude and respect for all manifestations of God's love".

"The Purpose... is to realize within themselves the expression of God's love. And to embody the purity of His spirit. If the crystal of your spirit clouded, you will not see His truth. At the present moment, the truth is only emptiness. There is no death. There is only the Eternal Spirit. It is in this realm of man finds wisdom...
You must continue your Journey with all their efforts, striving to achieve the goals of your ego, and following his destiny, which is in the hands of God. It is the absence of conflict".

Books : Mitsugi Saotome. "Aikido and the harmony of nature".
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