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Morihei Ueshiba "Budo"

The Techniques Of Aikido Founder
edited Kisemaru Ueshiba

The book contains the biography of the founder of Aikido O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba and the history of the creation of Aikido.
The first time the book was published in 1938, when the Founder was 55 years old and he was in the Prime of life. This is the only guide where the pictures illustrating the techniques of Aikido, sealed with O-Sensei himself. The book also contains the most complete exposition of the philosophical views Ueshiba.
Editions Budostore Paris.
Kodansha International, 1991
Practicing Aikido it is necessary to know.
Have a chance to find in the Internet and conventional stores in Russia and Ukraine - but very minor.
Kisshomaru Ueshiba "the Spirit of Aikido"
All we know about the life of Snowella, about the spiritual foundations of Aikido, came to us through his son, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, who became Doshu after the departure of the life of Morihei Ueshiba.
His Merits to the world of Aikido are endless.
Aikido is a modern martial art, is unique in its synthesis of classic forms with a clear spiritual Foundation, providing the key to the possibility of natural and unselfish way of life in today's complex world. This book allows you to see Aikido from the point of view of philosophy of "Mind-and-Action" and describes the history of Aikido as a new non-competitive martial art with consideration of its international role.
"Sofia" Kiev 2000г.
Read. Useful.
There is a chance to find in Internet and traditional stores in Ukraine

Koichi Tohei "Aikido"

coordination of mind and body for self-defense

"Founder and respected teacher of Aikido is Morihei Ueshiba. He developed the principles are so revolutionary that there is an urgent need to publish a book describing the new art. Have made several attempts to meet this need articles, which, however, only superficially covered this question. This continued until the master Ueshiba did not allow his son Kanemaru to publish information about Aikido. This was done in August 1957. The author is the head of the Central headquarters of Aikido in Tokyo. the
Since the book contains a record of their own experiences of master Ueshiba for the development of Aikido, a description of the ideals and the practical application of art, as well as a detailed explanation of each seizure, she was warmly welcomed by all admirers of the art of Aikido. the
Now Aikido has spread from Japan to America, France, Italy, Hawaii and other countries. However, the reason for the discontent was the fact that this book was published only in Japanese and not translated into English to make Aikido accessible to a wide the public
It is known that the thoughts expressed in Japanese, and sentence structure of the Japanese language makes translation difficult, and very difficult to convey spiritual implications Aikido the Japanese,
I do attempt to introduce Aikido in English only because during trips to Hawaii and the USA, I learned that many followers have a great desire to have books to study Aikido. the
The master Ueshiba gave me permission to publish it and to offer it in the hope that it will be a good assistant and tour guide for those who want to follow relentlessly."
Koichi Tohei
One of the few best books about Aikido, written by a direct disciple of O-Sensei and at the moment of creation - the chief instructor, the head of the Central headquarters of Aikido in Tokyo, Japan. The book was written in 1958.
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Mitsugi Saotome "Aikido and the harmony of nature"
The book reveals the profound philosophical and ethical principles embodied in the art of Aikido, and opens the connection of these principles with the laws of nature. This is one of the most clear, profound and inspiring books ever written about Aikido and even in regard to these matters - any other form of martial arts.
This is a unique approach to the teaching of the Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, izlozhennyi his direct disciple, who dealt with him for 15 years. Mitsugi Saotome explores the spiritual philosophy of the Founder, idly warriors of feudal Japan as the basis of his philosophy of martial arts and scientific principles that underpin the philosophy of Aikido.
The author shows that the physical movement of Aikido is the embodiment of principles of the spirit. Negative force is not opposed to the aggression, instead it is controlled and redirected by means of force and balance the movement of the spirit. Aikido movements can only be understood as a movement based on universal laws and principles of nature. Sincere practice and study of Aikido deepen your appreciation of nature's perfection in its balance and return to us the harmony with all that surrounds us, with other people and with ourselves.
"Sofia" Kiev, 1999.
One of the best books on Aikido for all the time of writing such books
Have a chance to find in the Internet and conventional stores of Ukraine
Tamura Nobueshi. "Aikido"
I recently learned that Tamura Nobueshi just published a book about Aikido.
Every time he publishes a book, I feel a subtle scent that inspires his thoughts and efforts to better Express the main essence of Aikido.
I'm sure this book is even brighter than the previous one, will present the works of the tireless mental practice and physical training.
Tamura more than anyone, practiced at Hombu Dojo under the personal guidance of the Creator. He's one of Shihan, who were engaged in practice with him.
Isn't this the reason he is the most qualified Sheehan, who teaches in France and in the world of noble and sublime Aikido.
I want, thanks to this work, even more people had an understanding of Aikido, and I pray that this book contributed to the widespread development of Aikido.
Written October 10, 1984
on the day of the celebration of sport
Kisemaru Ueshiba
Aiki Dosha."
1986. "Editions du soleil Levant"
1987 Publisher "Heda Plus"
The originals are always interesting
Unless you look at the book stalls - the book was published long ago, and each copy numbered.

Tamura Nobueshi. "Aikido"

Etiquette and transmission of tradition

The author of this book, Tamura Nobueshi holder 8 dans in aikido. For many years he studied under the guidance of O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of this art.
N. Tamura has played a leading role in a small group teach-students (students are the closest to the founder), who subsequently moved to Europe and USA in order to spread Aikido. Over 30 years he devoted to the development of Aikido in Europe, and in particular in France, where he lives in the moment.
This book is intended primarily teachers and trainers, of course, interested in and beginners, and readers wanting to understand how the transmission of the Japanese tradition.
"Sofia" Kiev 2002.
Very useful book.
Have a chance to find in the Internet and conventional stores of Ukraine
Miyamoto Musashi "the Book of five rings"
"Го рин но се. G o Rin N o se"
The list of the recommended literature in any Japanese fencing allowance begins with this book.
It was written in a mountain cave, where the author lived the last two years of his life.
This book includes the analysis of strategy and battle tactics, their patterns and universal principles, and one to match in any form of martial arts, for large-scale military operations, and for conducting modern business.
But useful only to those who really works every day with the sword. Just reading does not bring results
Have a chance to find in the Internet and conventional stores of Ukraine. Type can be any.
On this cover is a Japanese master of the sword Toshiro Mifune as Miyamoto Musashi from the trilogy of films about Miyamoto Musashi.
"Aikido. Defend all life"
In the book in the original presentation, an attempt is made in philosophical stories, quotes and parables to explain the basic principles of Budo.
Describes some of the basic Aikido techniques
The book is designed and written by the Founder of Aikido Lviv, Koropenko. Original style and flow to the material makes this book interesting and informative.
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Siro Omiya "Hidden roots of Aikido"

Aiki Jutsu, Daitoryu
Secret techniques of an ancient martial art

Daitoryu is hard, effective method of combat. It was developed over a thousand years ago by members of the Imperial kind Japan. Then improved and refined excellent friends warriors. His technique carefully kept secret until the late 19th century until the master Sokaku Takeda introduced them to the world, began to recruit students from across the country. the
This is the tradition, the study of which Morihei Ueshiba has devoted many years before he founded Aikido.
the Book is the introduction of technology in the tradition of Daitoryu and may be of interest to practitioners of Aikido and other martial arts.
Kiev. "Sofia" 2000.
The book is the introduction of technology in the tradition of Daitoryu and may be of interest to practitioners of Aikido and other martial arts.
We would add that Aikido created by O-Sensei on the basis of not only the technician Ditoro, but other traditions of Japan.
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Frederick J.Lovret "Path and strength"

Secrets of Japanese strategy

Wining strategies have been studied for millennia, but only with the arrival of Japanese samurai strategy has evolved into an exact science.
The book reveals the two sides of Japanese strategy (physical and psychological), examines in detail many aspects of this science.
Fredrick J. Lovret - instructor Kenjutsu and Aikijutsu
Kyiv. "Sofia" 2000.
The book is original, tightly written, not everyone likes, but describes in Budo unfortunate reality of our life.
Have a chance to find in the Internet and conventional stores of Ukraine
Valeriy Horev. "Japanese sword. Ten centuries of perfection"
The book acquaints the reader with one of the most intriguing phenomena Armory art - traditional samurai sword in all its varieties. In a fascinating way introduces the basic aspects of the sword - historical, military, artistic, and provides condensed information about how to produce accurate copies and ownership of the subject. The material includes more than 400 high-quality illustrati.
Unlike other works, representing a samurai sword as a phenomenon of decorative character, here emphasizes his true nature as a means of warfare.
Rostov-on-don. "Phenix", 2003.
Great book about Japanese swords. Written tolerant and knowledgeably. To this day similar sources neither in volume nor in quality of the material was not.
Have a chance to find in the Internet and conventional stores of Ukraine